Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Gloomy Exploration

Steve and I had a late start out on Sunday. It was a rainy day and just the two of us went exploring to a regular haunt for me but a new one for Steve. For most of the car journey there it rained, and we decided to have a beer before we went in, to put us in the mood.
As we headed down the path to the hospital, the rain clouds floated elsewhere to leave us with dark skies and a reluctant sun.
We resurrected the old basketball from its hiding place and Steve shot a couple of hoops, then it was down to some serious exploring. This place never fails to enthrall me and each time I visit I see something new to photograph.
 We entered this building which has always given me the creeps and started heading down the hallway checking the rooms. I would've liked to move a little quicker but kept my mouth zipped as I didn't want to rush Steve. He didn't find the place at all uncomfortable, despite the door continuously banging behind us. At the end of the corridor, 7 or 8 wide steps led down to a basement. I informed Steve that I would wait but once he said he'd be going down, I followed, not wanting to be left alone. Immediately around the corner was a room with an old TV so we set up our tripods. We were taking photos when we heard what sounded like footsteps at the top of the steps. We froze and I immediately wanted to giggle, I have no idea why. We heard more noises and stood silent waiting for someone to walk around the corner. After several long minutes, Steve decided we should continue as though nothing had happened, but I was reluctant to leave it there. I turned on my flashlight and slammed up the stairs, to find nothing. Within seconds I had looked in all 4 nearby rooms and corridors but there was nobody, not even a mouse. That was creepy and I wanted out.  Those noises were too loud to be nothing. I was glad to get into the fresh air.
I was a little jittery after that and was not happy when we entered the high security unit. Once more, I kept quiet and breathed a sigh of relief when we were again outside. I was pretty much done with creepy buildings by this time and had to vocalize that, insisting we kept to more pleasant buildings for the remainder of our visit.
So the next hour or so was spent laying on the grass and photographing pretty gates and spring flowers. What joy! I was actually pleased to get these shots as we never know if this place will be suddenly torn down and since forsythia is only in bloom for 2 or 3 weeks, it was nice to have some shots of the hospital with this pretty shrub.
We checked out the screen print shop where we joined by another explorer. We all spent a few quiet minutes staging shots and clicking shutters until he left with a friendly farewell.
At the perimeter of the grounds, there is a building which I was sure I'd never been in before. We entered to find that it was union offices where rooms held desks, paperwork, ornaments and even a chalkboard with a wonderful collection of colored chalk
We left here as dusk was falling. Meandering through the buildings, I would have given anything if someone could have just pulled up in a car and driven me out of there. I had not manged to shake off my jitters and with the dark sky closing in and gloomy lights casting shadows as we passed, I was so ready to be out of there. 
As we drove home, the rain started falling again and darkness fell quickly. I was very pleased when a hour later, we were sitting in a pub with a beer and a hot dinner.

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