Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Saturday with the Boys

Saturday was the second day I spent with The Lukestar and Maximus. I'll probably be doing this for the next dew weeks until Jim feels OK about coping on his own with his knee. I got there early and we all sat and watched some TV until we woke up properly. After constant nagging from Luke, we prepared some goodie bags for Max's birthday party next Sunday and then flopped back on our seats again.
Debbie had warned me that they were banned from using the Wii since they refused to listen when being spoken to, and the ban was for a month, but she said I could cave in if I wanted. Well, Luke worked on me pretty well for about 10 minutes and I caved in.
 Max and I were happy to watch for a while. I was conserving my energy since I realized that soon we'd be heading outdoors for some physical activities. Yep, 20 minutes later, Luke decreed that we head outside for some fresh air as there was 'no weather indoors'. We trundled outside and they both rumbled up and down the pavement on scooters while I laid on the grass and took photos, just waiting for the command to commence a hockey game.
It came soon enough and once again I ended up with the invisible goalie as a partner. Luke and Max took great delight in announcing how poorly my partner had played last week and how they were sure to win again this week. The puck flew back and forth and surprisingly my goal line gradually got further and further away while theirs got closer and closer so that at one point it was actually in front of my feet. On my announcing this unfair advantage, it was determined that a break was due and we headed back into the house.
 This is Max's turtle impersonation.
After lunch we retired to the back yard where it was time to blow bubbles. Well, Luke and I blew bubbles and poor Max tried...
 and tried again...
and again...
 and again...
until finally, a bubble!
Luke looking very skilled at his bubble blowing.
There was also time in the afternoon to do some coloring and painting and later, Luke insisted that his 'rock toy' be brought indoors.
This was a plastic toy with a base containing waterways which had to be filled with water. There were also compartments that we filled with gravel and small rocks. Little tugs boats were filled with their cargo and floated around the course until they were emptied by crane into a waiting truck which then poured its load onto the kitchen floor. I'm pretty sure Luke was pulling a fast one by saying he could play with this indoors, but I spent a very enjoyable half hour playing alongside him until I realized who would be left to clear the whole thing up. Sigh... 
See you next week boys.

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