Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Day with Luke & Max

On Saturday, I arrived at Debbie's for a day of babysitting my little friends since Jim is incapacitated due to a hand & knee injury. We immediately got dressed and started the first round of activities with a session on the Wii and a tantrum from Max. It was then decided by them that my next duty would be to act as a climbing frame and thinking quickly I managed to escape from a long bout of that ordeal by letting them use my old Panasonic camera.
 It soon became apparent that I had 2 budding photographers in my midst and they both produced some amazing results of themselves and of things around the house. The remote controls and my bum became prime subjects so I suggested they move further afield to capture more interesting results.
We then moved outside since it was so warm and I then had to run up and down the street to monitor their activities on various vehicles, because naturally, everything in the garage had to come out to ensure that all was in working order. Guess who had to put it all away...
It was then decided that a game of hockey was in order. Because the sides were uneven, I was allocated an invisible goalie to help me play against them. Max took great delight in constantly informing me that my team member wasn't very good as he let so many pucks slide by.
After what felt like hours, we returned inside the house for some more Wii, and then Luke thought that Play Doh should be next on the schedule. Out came the bags of pots, utensils and clay followed by a silence as intense concentration took over. I was asked to make a shark but my result was sneered upon by Luke and it was announced that Dad made the best sharks. I rose to the challenge and within 15 minutes had a batch of stonking sharks. I asked who made the best sharks and was completely chuffed to bits when two fists pointed their forefingers at me. Yay!
My chest puffed with pride when they cried out in unison, "No!" at the thought of their sharks being mashed back into pots as we I cleared away. They each selected their favorite three and trudged them up to their bedrooms.
I've uploaded their photos to my Flickr site so they now have a folder to themselves. I'm looking after them again this Saturday. Won't be long before they can use a DSLR!

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

I wanna sharkkkkkk! Very cool activities Miss Debby!