Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Electrical Endeavors ending with an Exploration

On Saturday, we got up super early and went with Barb to the Gaff 'n' Go Linesman's Rodeo in Doswell, VA. Barb works for NOVEC so we went to support their team while witnessing something most folks wouldn't really be aware of. Highly skilled line workers compete in various challenges, their program called them 'high flying cowboys'. For single women, this place is paradise, it's oozing with testosterone and I was amazed that more females weren't present. The rodeo also raises money for a scholarship foundation that helps deserving students from VA, MD and DE.
Here's some of the NOVEC crew, these guys were incredibly polite and charming. I loved the way they referred to my friend as 'Miss Barb'.
 These linemen are changing out a suspension insulator and are being timed as well as noted on safety procedures.
There were some very cool hard hats to be seen and many of the men had shirts as well as jackets with their trade emblazoned on fronts and backs.
Some more of the NOVEC crew watching a team member. Joe in the middle is the coach.
 Anthony deep in concentration. Those gloves protect him against thousands of volts during a work day. There was no power during the competition but safety guidelines still had to be followed.
Anthony being supported by his crew members.
This was the rescue competion where the linesman were timed on putting on all equipment, climbing the pole, retrieving & rescuing a 'man', lowering him to the ground, and then climbing down safely. The belt that Jason is wearing is called a 'buck squeeze'. When these were first introduced, the guys misheard the pronounciation and for a while called them a 'butt squeeze', which personally I think is better!
  This dude was all about his image. He saw me point my camera and immediately struck a pose. I seriously thought he was going to light a Marlboro...
Even the spectators take this seriously.
We saw this awesome Chevelle in the parking lot. Note the linesman graphic.
After leaving, we headed towards Fredericksburg to drop into the old Renaissance Festival site. We'd left it a bit late, the bullfrogs had finished courting but the ticks were rife.
We wandered about in the increasing heat but after a while, the ticks and the distant call of beer was too much so we went into town. We tried to de-tick as we got to the car, but during the journey and even in the restaurant, we were still picking them off. Eeew.
On our way out of town, we stopped at an abandonment which aptly was an old electric power station.
We weren't able to get inside so just scoured the perimeter and peered through the fence. It was getting late in the day and everybody was scratching furiously as we constantly fretted about our tick dilemma, so we were all ready to head back for home and a shower.

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

I have never heard of a lineman competition but that sounds like a totally good time!