Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Spring Hike

Sunday was too beautiful a day to be stuck indoors. I had been shattered on Saturday but after recuperating on Saturday evening, I was raring to go so Barb and I went to the Battlefields with Arde. The sun was warm, there was a mild breeze, it was perfect hiking weather.
We saw some dogwoods in full bloom and the paths were active with insects scurrying back and forth on errands, but thankfully there weren't too many humans.
  We crossed a pretty creek where Arde took a moment to cool off.
I was ecstatic to see a clump of English bluebells sheltered underneath a tree. These are my favorite flowers and the scent is divine. The Virginian bluebells were almost finished so it was wonderful to spy this vibrant splash of blue. I felt a little homesick thinking of the carpets of bluebells that were blooming in English woods at this time.
It was lovely to see all the trees finally getting their leaves and so nice to be able to enjoy the hike without being hounded by bugs. Not much longer to enjoy that freedom!
 We passed the Stone Bridge which crosses Bull run. It was destroyed during the Battle of First Manassas on July 21, 1861, the first major land battle of the American Civil War. Some years later, a new bridge, apparently similar to the original design, was built on the site of the old bridge.
 There were so few people hiking that those who were here could enjoy some peaceful reflection, just enjoying the quiet surroundings.
We probably only covered 5 or 6 miles but it was great to be outside again and not inside a derelict building, although we have some great explorations coming up soon. This coming weekend is urbexing free for now, so nature, here I come!

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