Friday, April 16, 2010

A DC Capitals Hockey Game

On Sunday, Steve and I went down to watch the final game of the Capitals season. A good friend of mine had given me the tickets as she would be on a cruise instead. I was very excited, having never seen an ice hockey game before. I had caps embroidered at work while Steve got us both shirts.
 I was wearing a Semin shirt and was stoked when he got the first goal. This sport was fast and furious, I loved it. Everyone was constantly getting up and then sitting back down howling along with the chants and clapping.
There was a little bit of a scuffle here! Awesome!
 Semin and Steve's player, Ovechkin, working together here. We had superb seats and I was able to get some relatively good shots of the players, although quite often by the time I'd got my camera ready, the moment had passed. They moved so fast.
Actually got a good view of the puck here; I rarely saw it during the game.
The game ended with the Caps losing in sudden death. i was totally deflated and actually couldn't take it in for a while. In one minute, the crowd had been on their feet screaming, "Unleash The Fury", and then suddenly they were quietly walking out.
The cheerleaders and mascots came onto the ice but there was little interest and people starting leaving quickly. I was still stunned that we had lost so quickly. The Caps are through to the play offs though so it wasn't such a hard loss to swallow.
To avoid getting caught up in the rush to leave, we decided to walk in the sunshine for a few blocks. Outside the National Portrait Gallery was this cowboy sculpture.
The courtyard inside was beautiful and unfortunately I have to admit, more interesting than the exhibits. This was added in 2006 during extensive renovations. The building is the 3rd oldest federal building in the city, built between 1836 and 1867.
This sweet pigeon was happy to pose for a photo and actually waited while I fiddled with the dials. We got back to an empty parking lot and left easily, happy we had avoided the crowds. Thanks Pam & Sue for a great experience.

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

If you loved the hockey game you should see if there are any Lacrosse games! They are JUST as fun as hockey...premise is the same but played on turf or grass with a ball. The nice thing is, the players wear shorts so you can see their muscular legs. Isn't a sporting even all about checking ot the cuteness of the body? bwahahahahahahahaha