Friday, April 30, 2010

Centreville at Night

So some of you know that a few weeks ago my bloody camera dropped off my tripod as I hefted it over my shoulder. I was incredibly upset at the time, it was as though I'd lost a limb, and it actually shocked me how much this chunk of metal and plastic means to me. Well, the wound has healed, the camera works fine, the UV filter's been replaced and I finally got round to looking at the photos and editing them.
 Setting up the camera as the light disappeared and grabbing a last shot of the sunset.
 As the colors disappeared, a beautiful cobalt blue washed the sky and the trail of a jet passing over left a streak. 
 The restaurant where we hung out. The staff was really cool about us setting up here, but then we did drink a few beers and wolf down some excellent wings. 
 Another jet passing over the restaurant. The white dots were the wing lights blinking on and off.
A jet passing by the moon.
 Red rear lights from passing cars.
It was here the camera dropped to the pavement with an audible clunk. It actually took me a couple of seconds before I could turn and look down; I was so scared of what I would see.
 This was the last image of the evening so I can only assume the camera shutter got knocked on it's way down to the tarmac. Thanh God it wasn't a swan song!

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