Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Abandoned Tug in DC

On Sunday, Steve and I spent an afternoon on the water with Tim. We set off with Tony and Gene to explore an abandoned tug on the Potomac. It was a beautiful sunny day but a little blustery but we had plenty of beers and endless conversation, it was grand.
We passed this little boat which according to one guy at the marina is the woosiest boat on the water so far in 2010. We all agreed.
We were soon moored up alongside the tug and eagerly clambered aboard to explore. There wads an osprey nest up front (the bow?) of the boat and two birds circled watching us cautiously. We kept to the stern not wanting to disturb them any more than necessary.
It was evident others had previously partied aboard the tug as bottles and pizza boxes littered all rooms, but most of the rooms were in good order still and we even found the log book.
I spent a long time down in the engine room, treading carefully as the metal floor was slick with spilled oil. Gene was a walking encyclopedia and explained all parts of the machinery. I loved the brass plate here behind the wheel, the brass mouthpiece of the communication system and the can of starting fluid.
Gene having a bit of a pose on top of the boat.
 Cobwebs and cables.
 Another boat from the marina joined us and after having a nose round, we all settled down to the business of eating french bread with chunks of cheese and tomato, along with corn chips and jack cheese, all washed down with beer. The lunch of a mariner!
Tim and Tony having a chat.
 I spent some time walking around the outside of the boat grabbing shots from every angle.
Walter and his friends left on their boat taking Gene with them, leaving just four of us behind. We sat and chatted enjoying our surroundings, when we suddenly became aware of a coast guards boat heading towards us and then turning its flashing lights on. They approached rapidly and through a loud speaker told us to remain where we were. What, and not jump in the water? Duh! They came aboard and grilled us, demanding I.D. Both men were gruff towards us but eventually loosened up when they realized we were doing no harm and had taken nothing. Once we were checked out, we were told to leave and not return.I had to chuckle as I noticed Tony continued to guzzle his Miller Light throughout the whole interrogation.
They watched as we climbed back onto Tim's boat; we were relieved to be on our way. 
A photo of the main man reflecting on why the hell he hooked up with a girl that gets him into these scrapes.Get used to it, boyfriend, life's an adventure!
Tim at the tiller.
Lola, Tim's woofer was tuckered out after her big day out.
We got back to the marina before dusk and hung out on a couple of other boats until it was time to head home. After a wonderful curry cooked by Tony, Steve and I headed home. So when's our next adventure?

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