Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Birthday Party

On Sunday we headed back up to Sterling for Max, Heather & Aston's birthday party. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day with blossom trees sprinkling their petals across lawns, honey bees joined butterflies flitting or fluttering and green shiny buds poking out from tree branches and freshly mulched flower beds.
Heather and Ed brought their new baby, Kylie, Luke and Max tore around full of excited anticipation about opening presents while Jim hobbled about slowly, trying to keep his leg out of harm's way.
The new parents. No special editing on any of these photos. They are as I took them; I wanted everyone to be shown as themselves.
Debbie, Kiesha and Peyton.
Tom, Steve and Bobby.
Some of the faces made by Max as he opened his presents.
'Bits' and Peggy, Lou, and Grandpa Jim with Kylie.
Aston and Max enjoying their birthday cake.
The proud parents with their daughter. The afternoon flew by and as most of the guests had departed, Debbie and I decided to have a quick game of badminton on the grass. This didn't last too long as Debbie fell into the bushes, catching her hair on the fence and her necklace on the shrubbery. Nice one Deb! 

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