Friday, March 18, 2011

Murals and Military

Sunday was a beautiful day so I hopped in Stuart and headed for the countryside to explore some local towns which I'd not visited before. I also decided to check out Warrenton, a town I used to love but had stopped going to because the old town area had lost it's small antique and craft shops. But I'd not been for a few years and hoped time had made it better.
The court buildings make a grand impression as you visit the old town area but as I walked around I became disappointed at the lack of interesting shops. There were a few antique stores still remaining but none that were open or looked inviting. The one shop I was hoping to see which used to stock interesting gifts had gone and I didn't step across one threshold as I passed shop doorways.
But I was pleasantly surprised as I walked back to the car to stumble across these murals and trompe l'oeil of the Civil War. They weren't here last time and made the trip here worthwhile. I got back in the car and continued driving.
In Marshall I stopped at this abandoned building, my eye caught by the wonderfully warped wood on the doors.
There was also a builders yard by the railway line and I grabbed a couple of shots here too. I'd forgotten my marble and piece of mirror which annoyed me a bit, I could've got some interesting photos here with them.
As I left Marshall, I came across these military vehicles parked in an industrial yard. After some research I found that these are vehicles used for movie rentals which was very exciting and may warrant a future return trip.
Heading towards The Plains which is horse country I saw this photo and had to do a U turn to go back to take it.
I stopped at The Plains and walked around. It was very pretty and very small. After looking through two craft shops and walking up and down the street I was back at Stuart withing an hour. I drove back home happy to have been out and got some fresh air with temperatures above 50 degrees. Spring is nearly here and I'm looking forward to being outdoors more. But this afternoon I was glad to get home and relax on the sofa with the doors and windows open while watching TV with a glass of red, nicely prepared for another week of work after another enjoyable weekend.

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