Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mike's Mustangs, MD

Emily and I met up on Saturday morning and after breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts we drove to Mike's Mustangs, a salvage yard full of around 1400 old Mustangs. It's owned by a firefighter who took over the yard from his father. We walked into the workshop and after I politely asked if it would be OK to photograph the cars he almost bowed us through to the yard.
Here's a sweeping view of the place. Another short video to add to my YouTube collection.
Some of the cars had been there so long that trees were growing between them. 
We found a few other old cars amongst the Mustangs and this wonderfully rusted old truck, but we couldn't find a badge to identify it.
OK, so where'd the accelerator go?
This Mustang graveyard was awesome but wouldn't be so in a couple of weeks time when the weather warmed up and the ticks started appearing. We'd timed our visit well.
We took stacks of photos then afterwards visited Andrew at his house and met Parker the Hamster who was gorgeously sweet but I didn't photograph her as hamsters apparently stress out very easily. We strolled around some old buildings in Indian Head and then headed back home. Andrew suggested we check out an old water plant on the way back so we headed there and had a strange experience. As we drove by the plant and looked for somewhere unobtrusive to park Stuart, we noticed a guy up on the bank at the side of the road hiding. He was crouched down and trying to avoid us by scuttling sideways out of sight. We turned around further down the road and drove back to see him flattened down on the ground. He knew we'd seen him. We parked up and walked back to the plant looking out for him but he was nowhere to be seen. Strolling down a side lane, Emily and I peered into the woods and scouted the perimeter of the plant. He was nowhere to be seen but I felt he was watching. I was getting a bit creeped out and when we found deer carcasses with the legs scattered about, I was pretty much done but reluctant to admit it. Luckily for me the sun was setting so we decided to drive back and head home. Since when did I start becoming a wuss? Not the best end to the day but it was great to get home to the puddy tat and share the sofa.

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