Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brownies at Emblemax

On Saturday Oscar and I joined Mike at work to give a demonstration to Mike's daughter Isabelle's Brownie troop on how t-shirts are printed. We went through the whole procedure from a brief explanation on how the art is produced right through to them printing their own shirt.
Mike explaining how the design is burned onto the screens. The girls were very attentive and understood all the steps.
They helped collect some shirts as they came through the dryer after being printed. Saved us completing an order on Monday! Loved their expressions!
Mike's son Addison came along too and took a great interest in one of the tape guns. He is such a cute little guy.
The troop also saw how garments are embroidered and had flags sewn onto their shirts too. Judging by the hand art they were looking forward to their pizza lunch.
They all took part in manually printing, using three screens and pulling the ink across to coat their shirts.I was very impressed how they all handled the task, determined to make a great job of it and succeeding. Those squeegees can be hard work to pull across the mesh.
They all wore their shirts as soon as they came through the dryer.
And a group shot afterwards. We were really pleased with how the session went. Everyone worked hard yet had fun at the same time and even managed to answer Mike's questions at the end. This may be the start of some future weekend sessions so people can come and print their own shirts while learning the processes involved. Here is a link to the video:

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