Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monster Trucks in Richmond, VA

On Saturday, Jim, Ed and I took Luke & Max to see the National Thunder event in Richmond. We had been supposed to see them a couple of weeks ago but both boys got sick the night before and were bitterly disappointed, along with me. But this time round was better as we were going to the afternoon event which meant we got to go to the Pit Party first and see the trucks with their drivers close up. We made sure we got there early and the boys were so excited to see the trucks which were enormous. I took plenty of photos but am not showing them here individually as I put a video together of the boys and it can be seen here. 
We all had a great time and on the way home stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. This was my first time at this restaurant and the food was great.
The boys were tired but Luke wasn't too tired to thrash me in a game of checkers before we left. They slept most of the way home but the day was not done for me. I'd promised my friend Kurt that I'd have a birthday drink with him so I met him at our local and ended up staying very late. I only had time for about 4.5 hours sleep before I had to meet up with friends the next day. This was going to be a long and hectic weekend...

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