Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Day in the Countryside

Sunday morning, I met up with some friends to go on a photo drive through the countryside. After a humungous omelette brunch at Bob Evans, we trundled off through Loudoun County with eyes peeled and feet hovering over brakes in case we saw something that warranted an immediate stop and shutter snap.
This chap was the first to be photographed and I was fortunate enough to get in close and keep a steady hand since I'd not got my tripod.

We then came across this abandoned tractor in the middle of a field. Photos were taken quickly as the insect life was teaming beneath our feet.
Our next stop was Temple Hall Farm Regional Park where we met many friendly animals that we were able to pet. There were few people here and we pretty much had the place to ourselves so it was wonderful to spend time with the animals. Most were friendly but the chickens made a right racket and those that were loose set up a dreadful row every time we went close.
 Someone left an egg behind!
There were still sunflowers in full bloom and covered with blister beetles, most of them bonking.
 After walking around in the blazing sun, we were in dire need of refreshments, so just down the road we stopped at the Fabbioli Winery and had a tasting of their wines with locally made oregano cheese and raspberry fudge to go with the raspberry desert wine. Obviously purchases were made and we walked back to the cars with bottles clunking to continue our quest.
We took White's Ferry across into Maryland and after grabbing some sodas at the local shop, we headed for Poolesville, named after two brothers who bought land in 1760 and formed a settlement.
This is the Town Hall which sported the largest burglar alarm I've ever seen, on the side about 2ft tall.
And Yay, abandoned buildings! The gas station and bank on opposite sides of the road from eachother looked like they'd been empty for some time. But there is plenty of growth in this small town and it is in danger of becoming a suburb of D.C. as it spreads out.
There were small antique and craft stores and one had posted a notice saying it was closed due 'granddaughter's wedding'. How quaint! After ambling around for a while, we headed back to our cars and then for home with full camera cards and bottles of wine waiting to be opened.

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I think your being Single is wayyy better than being married! You do sooo many cool things!