Saturday, August 15, 2009

Work Crab Fest

On Friday, we stopped working at lunch time to have a crab fest. One of our staff, Billy, lives in Deale, MD and brought 2 bushels of fresh crabs to work which were cooked on site along with fresh shrimp and hotdogs for those not into seafood. We added a few cases of beer and got amongst it. I knocked up a few Emblemax shirts for us to wear with LaLa from the teletubbies on front as this is Mike, our boss' nickname.

Here is Tom savoring some crab.

Joe getting in the party mood.

Billy tacking the shells. That pile of debris in front of him was 3 times the size by the time he'd finished.

Everyone stopped mid munch for some group shots.

Here's the boss man starting on his pile. He gave lessons on shelling the crabs and was even nice enough to prepare a few for some of us.

Here's the Emblemax girls with one missing who's in Texas about to have a baby any day now.

The piles of shells grew bigger and we even had one of the site maintenance guys drop in to partake in the feast.

One that got away...

...and one who just had to pose. The afternoon was a great success with a huge dent made in the crabs and the beer. An excellent way to finish the week!

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

That looks like sooooo much fun!