Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artomatic 2009

A few weeks ago, an art exhibition was staged in DC with 9 floors of walls displaying local artists' work. The exhibition is free to enter and most of the art is for sale. There are also music, dance events, poetry readings and competitions. Some artists didn't want to sell their work but instead decorated their wall with a message, eg., poverty in 3rd world countries or drug awareness. We went down for opening week as one of my friends was displaying some of her urban exploration photos. She only had a couple of weeks to decorate her wall and I was impressed that she pulled it off.

Much of the art was photos and painting but there was also a lot of handmade and crafty items. This artist wanted to prevent blocks of polystyrene ending up in the landfill so she decorated them with sketches, material and pins along with anything else she could lay her hands on.

Artists were still decorating walls and I loved what was being done here.

There were also furniture items and glass ornaments as well as statues and floor art.

Some of it went completely over the top of my head and some was just downright disturbing. I had no idea why someone thought pointing a large gun at a baby was artistic and I struggled to find a meaning behind the display.

This was unusual. I would never have come up with the idea of covering a bathroom and everything in it with mosaics.

I wasn't too sure about this floor display either but it offered some great photo shots so it got my 'thumbs up'.


I did like this photo. These glass pipettes were all mounted on a rubber base attached to the wall and made a fascinating toy, gently moving them around made a great tinkling sound.

I stood staring at this for some time marveling at the bravery of the person who built this sex toy display. Was it a fetish or was it representing a fear? A woman walked past me and asked what was it, a torture room or an exercise area? "One and the same, isn't it?" I responded.

Some of the artists were very creative at decorating their walls. They're allowed to do what they like to them but the wattage of the lights is limited. Many added small pieces of furniture to add to the ambiance.

This girl had come up with a novel way to frame her photos by making them look as if they were on iPhones which she had carved out of perspex. She had sold a lot by the end of the exhibition.

There was even a tattoo parlor there with a Brit in residence. The entrance to the parlor was through this blue box which Dr Who fans will recognize as a Tardis. He saw my excitement and offered to take my photo while explaining that it wasn't a replica but had actually been used in the first series of Dr Who.

This image has been made of those little paint color squares that you find in paint stores. Double click on the image to enlarge it, then walk away 6ft from your computer screen. Look back at the picture. Clever, eh?

The Washington Post runs a peeps competition every year where competitors create a scene using peeps. The winners were on display at Artomatic and I loved Mary Peepins and The First Peeps on the Moon.

What a 'novel' idea for a handbag! This artist had used hardback books to make them and matched the handles to the prominent colors on the cover. They were selling for around $100.

One of the dance routines we saw was a traditional Indian dance.

Resting our feet after hours of trudging around. There is very little seating inside but reasonably priced beers and food sustained us as we wandered for hours. It was open regularly to the early hours of the morning with thousands of people visiting. The venue changes every year so check this site if you want to visit next year.

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

You always do the coolest damn things. I wish you were here in Saint Paul with me so we could do stuff like this. I will have to admit, I am very saddened that I missed the Sex Toy Exhbit! bwahahahaha