Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another PA Exploration

On Sunday, a small group of us met up early in the morning to head up to PA. We were going back to a coal breaker which I had previously visited in the winter but with only a couple of hours to take photos before the daylight disappeared.

We had most of the day this time and with temperatures at the other end of the scale along with humidity but at least this time, I could operate the camera.

We all broke up to explore individually and occasionally bumped into each other as we meandered throughout the vast building climbing broken stairs and over massive machinery. It didn't seem so sinister this time without the cold winds and lurking shadows.

Because I wasn't frozen to the core, I was more adventurous this time and almost happily scaled up ladders and across grate flooring showing the floors below, even clambering over some of the machinery if it meant a better photo.

I managed to come across a few places that I'd missed last time and found the offices with old jars, tins and paperwork scattered around.

This is a photo that Joel took of me and Kasia. I can't believe she sat in that chair but everybody was filthy anyway from our exploring and she does look jolly comfy sitting there.
I was happy with our day's photographing and felt my shots were a lot better than last time's. I had even managed to replicate the ones I'd been disappointed with last time.

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