Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rehabilitation Center, MD

An exploring trip has been long overdue so our little group was more than happy to discover access to an abandoned rehabilitation center in Maryland. There is little information available on the internet about this place and it had obviously been closed a long time although it was slap bang in the middle of an active university ground with operational buildings attached to one side.

The place was more or less empty but a lot of beds had been left around the stairwell area and even shoved into the elevator.

I wondered how long this golf ball had been here just sitting in the middle of the hallway.

Many windows were broken inside and out with shards of glass covering the floors and crunching underfoot.

Most of the hallways led to patients' rooms with kitchen areas by the stairwells.

You don't say!

I was amazed that this lightbulb had survived the years without being smashed.

Another scene of the stairwell with more beds.

Down in the basement we found the morgue which was was fortunately unscathed by graffiti.

We also found this room filled with plaster moulds but had no idea why they were here or what they were used for, possibly for patients' therapy. There were religious figurines, cutlery, animals and patterned moulds, hundreds of different shapes.
It was great to be exploring again and as we emerged into the bright sunshine, we discussed some more possible locations for the near future.

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