Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scouting around Baltimore

After the rehabilitation center, we decided to continue scouting around the Baltimore area looking for more photo opportunities.

This Goetze's Meats sign is rusting away and much of the plant's buildings have been demolished.

I managed to grab this quick photo of a yard filled with old cars and guard dogs before the owner shooed us on, suspicious of our cameras.

We came across this building which was probably once a gas station and I liked the mural on the wall. It reminded me of a Banksy art piece.

Just up the road was an abandoned building by the railway so I snapped a quick photo there.

This barber's shop was actually open but although I admired the art in the window, I don't think it particularly enticed customers inside for a haircut!

Our last stop was at a car crushing plant where we roamed around the piles of scrap metal. There weren't any old cars to be seen but we still managed to find plenty of photo opportunities.

And so we closed our shutters on a super day of scrap and urban decay.

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