Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aston's Graduation

June 22nd was a very special day in my friend, Debbie's house, as her son Aston was graduating from high school. To mark the occasion meant a mini Brit Invasion as family flocked across the pond to Sterling, and a very special Scottish friend came down from Canada and also an Uncle from Germany. We met her brother at the airport where we all greeted him wearing 'Deanie Weanie, where are you?' shirts, which requires an explanation.
Lat year I sent Dean a birthday card with Deanie Weanie on the envelope, and when it was delivered by the mail lady, she hailed him thus. He fumed at her familiarity and chosen greeting, and without looking at the mail in his hand, flung it in the kitchen on his way to work where he continued to fester for the rest of the day. Once back at home, he saw the envelope I'd written and vowed revenge. Too late!

I printed a bunch of shirts at work and everyone readily agreed to wear them to the airport, where after lots of hellos and hugs, I casually walked in front of him so he could see the 2-0 printed on my back! He took it like a gentleman and again vowed revenge. I'm still waiting...
He was a complete star, though, and brought everyone prezzies, including my favorite Maltesers.

There was an additional member of the family this year as Astrid and (Young) Dean had brought their 10 month old baby, Amelia. She is the best behaved baby I've ever come across and during the times I saw them, which was often, I never heard her cry. Her cute expression above is called her' troll face' which she has inherited from her grandfather!

Mom, Astrid, on the left and her sister Calella on the right, named after a town in Spain, to which she now holds the key.

The boys are back in town! (Young) Dean, left, Scott, family friend on the right, and Debbie's brother and Amelia's grandfather, Dean ( no more Deanie Weanies, it's not fair!), in the middle. I was pleased my camera lens survived this shot, especially with the offensive Chelsea shirt in the foreground!

Debbie had put out loads of Aston photos and trophies on the deck along with a metal panel which he had rubbed down and spray painted. He's getting very good at car body repair.

Some of the party crowd on the deck with Astrid, left, and cousin Justine on the right, who lives in England but flew in from California where she was working for a few days editing movies for DVDs.

This was the cap throwing part of the graduation. The main speaker was a neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins University, who I realized I had read about in the Readers' Digest magazine.
Park View School have also got a page on his speech to the graduates.

Here's Aston with his proud Mom.

Kim, Aston, Trina & Uncle Pete.

Aston and his girlfriend, Brianna.

Dean's son, Nelson, wearing Aston's cap. This little guy has got the most wonderful manners, he's a gem.

Here are Debbie's Mom, Joyce on the right, Auntie Val, left, and family friend, Myra, in the middle, who makes the most wonderful marmalade and jam which I have been eating almost every day since she gave me some large jars. I have no idea what they were all looking at here, but I imagine it was something that warranted a comment like, "Is that a skirt or a belt?" Even Debbie's other half, Jim, in the background is having a look!
I wish Aston could have a graduation every year so we could have more wonderful moments of family, friends, heckling and good old British humor. It was fun!

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Wonderful memories Mooey, pictures where fantastic, you are truly an artist, loved reading your blog