Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reamington, VA

While we were at the Flying Circus, Barb and I left for a while to grab something to eat. We were starving by 10am and the airshow hadn't started cooking lunch food so we went a few miles to Reamington which is a tiny town in the boondocks. We saw this cute little house surrounded by roads but each wall was covered with flowers.
We went to the Corner Grill where the staff were more than happy to let us order a lunch rather than breakfast even though we were too early. I had an fabulous cheesesteak. After, we emerged into the blazing sun and decided to walk up and down Main St to work off our lunch. There were very few shops but each was brimming with character.

This old hardware store was built in 1917 and still has the original elevator inside. It used to have a black and white movie theater upstairs in the 30's and then was a chicken plucking factory for a few years before it became a hardware store in 1947.

The builder carved his name and date in one of the bricks in the wall.

Further down we came across The Farmer's Wife which was a store I shall definitely come bak to visit. When was the last time you saw milk in these containers? The ice cream in the freezer is also made locally.

Barb had a hard time choosing from the hundreds of herbs, spices and cooking ingredients. I bought some herbs and spices and wanted to buy more but since we were returning to the airshow, I couldn't leave anything perishable in my car.

This old building built in 1903 used to be a motel, a dance hall and a co-op, and is now being restored but is currently empty.

This sign by the railway had us laughing. We also went into an old junk/antique shop where I bought an old Polaroid Swinger and was entranced by a small 14" flagpole with the stars and stripes. When I pressed a button the national anthem played and a motor made the flag ripple as though in a breeze. We headed back to the airfield promising to return to this sleepy little town.

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