Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Afternoon Hike

On Monday afternoon, anxious to walk off some of the effects from the BBQ the day before, I went for a hike with Barb and Arde around part of Bull Run Marina. The weather was looking stormy and we were accompanied throughout the hike with rumbles of thunder and dark clouds.

Regardless, we soldiered on and the scenery around the lake and creeks was delightful. Not so as we got further inland and our boots thumped on through a landscape of brown paths banked by piles of brown leaves from years before. As we clambered up and down hills it felt like a boot camp and after we'd completed about 3 miles, we decided we'd had enough. But we had definitely had a good workout and worked up a sweat so we were content with that.

I loved the contrasting patterns in the barks of these trees, one made of squares and the other of parallel lines.

As we stopped by the water, I noticed a blue gleam on a tree trunk and thinking it was a butterfly zoomed in to take a photo. It was instead a worm, but I was unable to identify it.

Barb found this Tulip Tree flower on the ground which was lucky as they've finishing flowering for the year. This is the state tree of Indiana and the flower has a faint cucumber smell.

A solitary Swallowtail flittered around the water's edge and was kind enough to stay still while I took a photo.

Honeysuckle tangled along the banks and blackberry flowers were in abundance promising a bumper crop of fruit in a few weeks.

This little dragonfly rested briefly while I snapped my shutter. We spent a while hanging around this area watching the wildlife and listening to splashes from the river as fishes started hunting flies for dinner. A lovely way to end the holiday weekend.

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