Wednesday, June 3, 2009


For 7 summers on my way to work, I've driven past an ocean of scarlet flowers which bloom on grassy banks lining the ramps on and off Rte 28 and Rte 50, and every year I've thought about photographing them but never done so. They are not easily accessible and I had to park half a mile away and walk to them. The first time I tried this, I'd got about 100yds from the car before I realized that my camera card was once again left in my laptop. As I was on my way to meet friends, I had to abandon poppies that day.
The next time I had a free hour or so, the poor poppies had been flattened by torrential rain the previous night so that day my poppy shoot had to once again be put off. Saturday was my third attempt and despite a high wind, I was determined to make the best of what could be the last available time this year as the flowers were starting to fade. The results are below and though not brilliant, will tide me over until next year.

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