Monday, June 8, 2009

English Sweets

I've just returned from a from a few days in Chicago so have plenty of photos to edit and entries to post, but a parcel from England has delayed the process. As I waited for my computer to start, I ran out to my mail box and found a package had arrived from Mum.

An old fashioned sweet shop has opened up in Mum & Dad's village and has been doing a roaring trade. Mum sent me a box of goodies, some of which I hadn't seen since childhood. As I opened the box, I was transported back as my favorite sweets tumbled onto the table. There were Flying Saucers, Refreshers, Sherbert Lemon & Strawberries, bags of sherbert which would stain the finger used for dipping and licking.

Treacle Toffees, Rainbow Drops, spearmint sweets, lime sweets with a chocolate center, jumbo Fruit Salads and Black Jacks, and proper old fashioned Aniseed Balls with the tiny black aniseed pip in the middle.
Needless to say, Chicago was forgotten as I started sampling and reminiscing, so Chicago posts won't appear for another couple of days!