Thursday, May 7, 2009

Return Trip Exploration

Sunday started with pouring rain which kept up all day long. A group of us were due to go to Philly but only three of us turned up so we decided to postpone that trip until better weather as none of us wanted to drive for three hours plus each way in the rain. We all piled into my car and debated and researched on line where we could explore that was relatively local. After about 45 minutes we decided on a nearby hospital in Maryland that we had visited last September. Pleased we had made a decision, we started to set off. But Colin wouldn't start. The battery was dead as I had inadvertently left the headlights on while we were talking. My friends were superb, no admonishments, just immediate help with jump cables and standing in the pouring rain trying to get Colin started. We had to give up and call out AAA so spent another 45 minutes steaming the windows up further and dreaming of hot coffee.
Once Colin was jump started, (we were doing it wrong), we headed straight for a Starbucks and sat down with our coffees in our wet clothes and steamed along with our hot cups.
Back out into the rain, we walked the half mile to the hospital and skirted the walls looking for an entry point. Once found, we entered and got down to the task of photographing. I had already got some great shots on my last visit, so this time decided to present 'prettier' shots of the building and make the urban decay more artistic. So no more words from me this time, just pictures.

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