Monday, May 11, 2009

Farmers Market Photo Assignment

I joined a new photo group and on Saturday we had our first assignment at Reston Farmers Market. I haven't had a photography assignment for years so it felt a little strange walking around taking pictures knowing that the ones I submitted would be critiqued, but it was also nice to feel challenged.

I had to start with strawberries; there were so many of them on different stalls that I was sorely tempted to grab one from each to taste and thereby determine which were worthy of being photographed!

The apples looked so good that I ended up buying some. I also bought some tomatoes from the same stall and nearly died when the vendor priced my purchases. 6 apples and 5 tomatoes came to $11.43! They needed to taste great at that price. That was my first and last purchase that day...

I wanted to be more diverse with my photos and rather than photographing just the produce, I walked around taking photos of the surroundings as well. This image is one of my submissions but I think I was swayed as orange is my favorite color.

These cute little shoes were clips and even though there wasn't a red one, Dorothy still came to mind.

If I hadn't spent so much on my previous purchase, I would've liked one of these sweet little herb pots. A few of these would look great lined up on a kitchen windowsill.

This image caught my eye as it was so rustic.

A few of the vendors laid out samples for tasting. This little guy was really tucking in, it was a joy to watch!

I love asparagus, steamed for 3 minutes with butter and lots of pepper on top. Yummy! No, I didn't buy any.

This little lad happened to be in two of my shots, he really is photogenic, and the balloon and shop window sign were an added bonus. The morning was a great success and we finished up at a coffee shop getting to know eachother better. I'm not sure how we'll critique our shots yet as the club is in its early days but with a Scottish organizer, we can't go wrong! I'm looking forward to our next assignment.

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