Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shopping on a Soaking Saturday

Yesterday we were invaded by tropical storm Hanna, and the rain was torrential with winds of around 30 mph. We badly needed the rain after having none for a few weeks, but getting it in bucketloads was a bit of an overkill. I was initially loving the peace of just lazing in bed and then later the sofa, reading a book while listening to the drumming of the rain on the windows and trickling down the chimney, but then cabin fever set in. Suddenly.
I was up and walking back and forth looking out the lounge window, then the bedroom window, and then walking into the bathroom. Why, I don’t know, there wasn’t a window in there.It was no good, storm or no storm, I was going out shopping. Why is it that to women, regardless of time or day or conditions, shopping is always a good idea? Personally, I’ll shop with 2 broken legs and pneumonia, and for anything. Yesterday my excuse was that I needed a bookshelf for my ever expanding book collection, and a vase.
After hydroplaning twice, and losing count after 8 stores, my mission was accomplished, and very satisfied I was too. I was dripping wet, my trousers sticking to my legs, but as I soggily trundled towards the front door with a massive box and bags, I had no regrets. No towelling off once inside my warm dry home, no cup of tea, but instead, I kicked off my boots, grabbed a screwdriver and hammer and immediately started building my bookcase.

An hour later, I was done, and then wondering how the vase could be used. Since the day was so dark and miserable, I decided to start my fall decorating. A couple of hours later, that job was also completed and the rest of the place vacuumed and dusted.

Then I was content to resume the activity that I'd started the day out with, back on the sofa with a book relaxing.
OK, so today is a hot and sunny day again with summer refusing to step down and make way for autumn. My fall foliage is now seeming a little early, but I do have a very pretty fireplace!

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