Monday, September 29, 2008

MD Urban Exploration

On a wet Saturday, we snuck into an abandoned childrens' TB hospital. As we trudged around the perimeter, the rain dampened our clothing but not our spirits. Inside, the effects of decay were apparent but there were many wonderful photo opportunities in areas that weren't too destroyed by vandals.
A few of the rooms held evidence of the childrens' activities including some rusted physical therapy aids, but many of the rooms looked alike until we headed down into the basement.

We all turned on flashlights to carefully pick our way through 2 inches of water and past eroded machinery. Pumping machinery offered rich color amongst the drab greys and orange rusts and the air was thick with moisture. We had to place our feet carefully in the water as we knew there was a 7ft hole in the vicinity and there were audible sighs of relief when we found a previous explorer had covered it with a sheet of metal.

The saddest part was finding the morgue where we all stood in silence imagining times when these doors would have been closed. The graffiti on the doors seemed to only add to the sinister atmosphere.

We climbed to the roof and found the elevator shafts and machinery along with old shower rooms. I particularly loved the Otis logo below which reminded me of the art deco or art nouveau period.

We had a group photo taken in one of the rooms which I gave a dramatic feel to suit the feel of the building and the day. We left the hospital with a stack of photos and memories and headed back out into the rain towards our cars.

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kemp-y-QUA!! said...

your photography is brilliant Debby! excellent work