Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scott's Run

Scott's Run is a picturesque walk that I did a few years ago and remember it well because I took great delight in stroking a pair of copperhead snakes that was sunbathing on some tree roots near the water. I had no idea what kind of snakes they were at the time but they were happy to be petted and have some close-up photos taken. I identified them later and made a note not to be overly sociable to venomous snakes in the future.

Today, I walked the route with a walking group and we made no effort to look up my previous acquaintances. We chatted amiably as we trekked along the stony paths and the trail was easy going with only one incline which could be considered a mild workout. We crossed the creek a couple of times and where it met the Potomac, Scott's Run ended in a waterfall as though making a final statement before it joined the slow moving river.

We had our group photo taken by the shores of the Potomac which was very shallow at this point. Only a couple of kayakers were on the water and I noticed that there was very little wildlife around. No herons or raptors anywhere. But it was peaceful and we enjoyed the quiet a little while before heading back to the parking lot.

After the walk, we headed to a chinese buffet restuarant in Dranesville where we shared some wonderful food and a lot of laughs. We were a great group today with regulars and new faces who were looking forward to the next walk.

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