Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another UE Expedition

Last Sunday, (8/31), our urban exploration group went up to Maryland again to scour another abandoned hospital. We had to walk along a railway track and then through a tunnel to access it from the back. It was a very hot day and the coolness of the buildings was delicious.

Unfortunately, this particular building has become the playground of a local college and much of the interiors had been badly vandalized. There used to be an old theater standing just behind the fire hydrant above but this was burnt to the ground.

We found this glorious old laundry press in one of the rooms and even though there was no power, we could still operate the levers and guess how it worked.

We even managed to get underground and walk between the pipes keeping a sharp eye out for anything that could cause an injury. I still managed to crack my head pretty hard on a windowsill a little later, saved from a gash by my sunglasses. I got very exited to find the drums below. The area we were in must have once been set up as a bunker for emergencies and these were old water storage containers. If you doubleclick on the image, I've saved this as high res so all the writing is legible.

The image below is of a smashed window with the drapes still hanging. I've heavily photoshopped it trying to add some charm to the image.

We also managed to get onto the roof of the main building where we came across an amateur film crew shooting a zombie movie. Their makeup was quite convincing, but to preserve their anonymity, I can't post any photos. After getting back to the cars, some of the others decided to go for sushi but I had an olympic headache so decided to head for home. I'd assumed the headache came from my trying to headbutt out a window, but I read later from one of the guy's postings, that he'd suffered a bad sinus headache and was going to take a respirator to the next trip. Since it's impossible not to kick up some dust in these derelict buildings, that is advice I will be taking and shall be equally prepared for next time.

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