Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ravens Rock

Yesterday, I joined a small group to hike up to Ravens Rock close to the border of West Virginia. We set out at 4:30pm and started the 1500ft climb. The trail was very pretty and consisted of a lot of steep ascents and descents, at times picking our way across boulders and a dry creek. It was a great workout. This was a view about two thirds of the way up.

Near the top was this sign which showed us we could reach Tennessee in a mere 535 miles if we went back down the mountain. The other side declared we were entering West Virginia.

We reached the top which opened onto a rock ledge where we rested and ate 'dinner' which comprised of trail bars, nuts, fruit and even army ration packs. I had just purchased a camel pack which was a great asset and did a great job of keeping my veggie wrap nice and cool. The views were spectacular and we were happy to sit and munch while admiring our beautiful surroundings.

After a group photo, we set off back downwards anxious to try and finish before it got too dark.

The downhill trip was more relaxed and one of the dogs came into contact with a raccoon which caused a bit of a sensation. I only knew one of the girls prior to the hike from another walking group but everybody got on great with our leader commenting on what a great crowd we'd been.
We got back to the cars in the twilight and after lots of 'goodbyes', and 'we must do this again', we all headed back to our homes. A wonderful way to break up the work week!

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