Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puddy Tats & Penelope

On Saturday morning I got up early as I was going to DC to see Emily's new house and then go with her and Jason to our friend Penelope's birthday party. The sun was shining as I jumped out of bed and it felt like a skirt day. I put on Cathedrals by Jump Little Children and with the sun beams shining down through a high circular window I waltzed barefoot around the bedroom. After dancing through Lazurus by Porcupine Tree, I was raring to go and grabbing my camera and Penelope's present, I sped to DC.
 This was the first time I'd seen Emily's house as she'd moved at the same time as me. It was gorgeous inside and she was pretty much upside down still with her belongings, like me. We sat and chatted for a while and then Jason came up with the idea of visiting a local structural salvage warehouse nearby.
The warehouse is closing down and moving to another location in Maryland so we were hoping for some good deals. I rather fancied the idea of a couple of columns in my bathroom.
But after strolling around, the only thing I wanted to buy was a slate key stone. These though were not for sale as they were being saved for a dealer. But the place was still of major interest to Emily and I as it housed 3 beautiful cats. They were the grubbiest cats I had ever seen yet seemed very happy. The owner was even taking them to Maryland with him where he had an apartment ready for them to move into.
Then off we went to Fort Washington to see our dear friend Penelope for her birthday party. She has a wonderful welcoming family who we started up conversations with immediately and a particularly awesome spicy guacamole dip which we polished off rapidly.
Penelope with Doc in the background who she is successfully converting into a gadget geek.
Lily talking with Jason. Lily and I were sent out for more dip and beers. We launched into a conversation and chattered the whole trip. Great lady.
One of our urbexing buddies, Tyson, who we haven't seen in ages.
This is Grandma who lives in the basement and is about to celebrate her 94th birthday. Fabulous lady and fully fit, she tucked into her pina colada and birthday cake as enthusiastically as the rest of us.
Penelope looking a little threatening with that knife. She had 2 birthday cakes. Yum!
We all crowded round the table waiting for the cakes to be cut which were made by Desserts by GerardThese were wonderful cakes, heavy and loaded with strawberries, one was Red Velvet and the other was Strawberry Shortcake which was the one I plumped for. No vegetable oil in this icing, this was made with top notch ingredients. Lots of groans and moans of enjoyment were heard around the table as we all tucked in. Happy Birthday Penelope, wonderful party!

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