Friday, June 17, 2011

Meadow House, Marshall, VA

So I've been in Meadow House for nearly 3 weeks now and am starting to feel like I'm really at home. There's still a stack of sorting out inside to do especially as many of my evenings have been spent at work or I've simply been too exhausted, but at least I now know where everything is, well, nearly everything. I've started to settle, got used to the longer commute, all of 45 minutes, and Kota is also allowed outside now and taking great joy in exploring his new surroundings.
Each morning we watch the sun rise and if I get home in time we watch it set. Breakfast is eaten in a chair by one of the sets of french doors to observe the deer only 30ft or so away from me slowly wading through the long grass in the meadow, or we sit at the dining table and watch the cardinals pecking at their seed from the box in the dogwood tree outside the huge picture window. Life is bliss here in the country. Peaceful, serene, beautiful and a joy to behold.
I've taken a few photos but haven't concentrated nearly enough on capturing the atmosphere well enough so the following are a few snapshots of the house and our garden area along with the surrounding fields through which we have the freedom to stroll.
Kota and I like to go for a walk together through the fields and since he behaves just like a dog, (as my last cat Chloe did), he trots alongside me and stops to sniff every now and then. We walked down to the pond where he promptly decided to rest on the bench and so we sat together and fed the koi carp; a container of food is hanging in a nearby tree. Later a couple walked down with their dogs and the guy actually squinted at Kota, not believing that a cat was being taken for a walk. I assured him his eyes weren't deceiving him and he laughed and said they would take their dogs another way. I did end up having to carry Kota on my shoulders when we walked back up the hill. He's not daft and will loudly demand to be picked up.
More photos will follow of our new home and the surrounding area. My cameras are all found, I have my desk set up and an internet connection. Let the adventures begin!

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