Monday, June 13, 2011

Massanutten Tractor Show

On Sunday I went with a friend down to Woodstock, VA for the Tractor Show and Rob was going to join us later in the morning. There had been rain earlier in the morning so the heat was taking its time to build up which was fine with everyone.
I loved seeing all the old tricycle tractors and was very intrigued with the vehicle above with its owner, a Chevy truck converted to a tractor, a 1926 engine with 2 transmissions and Ford wheels on the back. Hmmm...
 A very cool truck and a tractor made out of a Singer sewing machine.
After looking at all the oddities, we strolled over to watch the blacksmiths from the Potomac Guild in action. This guy was making a leaf to be part of a rose but he wasn't satisfied with the way it was turning out. In the building heat I was amazed he wanted to produce anything at all. Apparently to work the metal, it's best heated at 1500-1800F as then the metal loses its magnetic abilities. Also when the anvil is heated up, the metal can be worked for longer. This leaf wasn't looking good at all in his eyes but to me it looked great so he continued to complete the piece and then gave it to me.
Here he is with the finished leaf which is now on my key ring.
I kept bumping into these 3 guys who were a hoot. The one on the left kept assuring me he would run over me, not sure how when I walked faster than his tractor. They were great fun.

This is the tractor raffled at the weekend. I'm waiting for my phone call...
Nice to see a John Deere behind sweating glass and suffering. Oh by the way, not keen on John Deeres.
I was trying to get the awesome hood ornament on this Massey Ferguson and of course Rob was up to his usual tricks and had to be in the photo. Some things never change...
Even though I'm not a JD fan, I was rather impressed that someone had fitted out their kid's bike to match the tractor.
This one caught my eye, this one's for you, Jim!
As I mentioned on my daily post, my new favorite tractor is the Minneapolis Moline. This guy had only owned his for 6 months and already had the accessories.
There were stalls inside on of the sheds with toys for sale and displays. I saw a MM but with a $70 tag I left it on the shelf. 
Rob asked the owner of this spanking gawgeous MM to start it up which he was happy to do and I had to run in and beam my appreciation.
The show finished with us watching some small tractors in the Tractor Pull event. Then back home to have a beer on the patio and nurse my poor sunburn.

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Allannah  Kemble said...

Oh, wow! Those are really cool tractors, huh! I love how they show off on the road in various colors; from yellow, to gray, to green… it looks wonderful! I noticed that most of the participants were elders. Well, it just shows that these old men are really fond of tractors. :D