Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Lazy Weekend in Marshall

This was my last lazy weekend for a while and I relished every moment of it. On Saturday Kota had to see the doctor because of a nasty black mark under his chin which was growing and scabbing occasionally. I was thinking of that horrible C disease and was a mess Friday night and Saturday morning. We went to the clinic here in town and had the place to ourselves. The doctor was wonderful, no pressing of unwanted services and a diagnosis of...Feline Acne. What?! He's 9 years old, not a teenager. But the relief was tremendous. I hugged my little man and treated him to a big bowl of tuna when we got home despite having been told that he needs to lose a pound. He'll do that running around outside anyway. I then rushed out to celebrate by shopping. Got me a gas BBQ, cover, some groceries and a load of flowers and herbs for the patio and spent a contented couple of hours filling pots and arranging them outside. Then I looked at the BBQ assembly instructions. Didn't like the look of that too much so I emptied the box to see what was there. Looked at the manual again and the pieces and still didn't like it. Went indoors and pottered around, came back outside and looked at the manual again. Nope, it hadn't changed. Deep breath and I got stuck in. 30 minutes later I'd done step 1 but not very successfully. So it was time to call on a friend, a man friend. So Steve came to my rescue and assembled it brilliantly while Barb, who had also turned up, and I passed him beers and tools and pieces and encouragement. Then we cooked on it. Awesome! Saturday was a good day.
On Sunday, it was a sleep in, then a clean up, then a trip to the IGA again which had been calling my name. I love this store.
 I came back this time with fried chicken cooked in the store and apple cider doughnuts baked locally. That and a beer was lunch fit for a queen.Should have put my tiara on but I haven't found it yet.
Then, time for a walk and to take some photos. Kota went round the back of the house and decided to climb the dogwood tree. He hasn't climbed a tree for years and the last 2 times resulted in a ladder being required to rescue him. But he wanted to go up and who was I to stop him.
A tentative start and then he was off...
Getting a little confident here...
And still he heads higher...But common sense prevailed and he managed to return to the ground and safety without any help. Rain was threatening with huge drops plopping on our heads so we dashed indoors. Just in time as the heavens opened with an introductory crash of thunder.
This little minx has been responsible for chewing through the rope on my bells hanging in the tree and now he was determined to dump out all the bird seed in the feeder. Despite me wagging my finger and knocking on the rain smeared window, he carried on undaunted and succeeded in emptying the box. I had only filled it up less than 2 hours ago. 
The rain carried on plummeting down for a while but then stopped abruptly so I popped out to grab a couple of shots of some of my plants.
There. So my last photos of the weekend have been uploaded. Next weekend is going to be a busy one, so until then I'll conserve my energy and foster my creative thoughts and ideas for the next post.

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