Friday, April 22, 2011

Bluebells after the Storm

After work on Wednesday I went for a short hike in Bull Run Park to see how the bluebells were faring after the weekend storms. The area had been hit pretty hard and I wasn't really expecting to see any flowers so was delighted to see as I drove in, a carpet of blue defiantly blooming by the river banks.
There was a lot of debris still rolling down the river and caught up in the branches on trees on the banks. I helped out a bit by clearing some of the smaller shrubs of their load so their leaves could open properly.
Even little white violets were defiantly standing firm, still smeared with mud. These would've been completely covered by raging waters over the weekend.
i walked up and down the river bank occasionally slipping as the ground was still very wet. I marveled at how quickly nature recovers after these events and was walking slowly appreciating their beauty when my thoughts were interrupted by a guy holding a camera.
"Do you you know where the best flower shots can be found" he questioned. I stared at him incredulously and fought to keep my lips tightly shut. Really? We're standing in a nature photographer's paradise and he's asking me that? I simply shook my head and shrugged my shoulders then started to walk away not trusting myself to speak. 
I took some more photos of blossoms, again impressed how they were still on the branches after being beaten by heavy wind and rain just a few days previously. The sun was starting to set and a flock of gooses waddled past me contentedly grazing on the grass. Time to head home.

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kemp-y-QUA!! said...

this seems like a very peaceful place. beautiful pics