Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blooms and Bright Lights

The whole of Saturday was spent being luxuriously lazy since there was a heavy storm passing through and any outdoor plans would be scuppered. It's been months since I've done this and boy, was it needed. I got DVDs and snacks after a sleep in then spent most of the day horizontal watching the screen or napping. Kota kept me company and napped with me, sometimes on my shoulders, my back, my tummy or above my head. We changed positions as a team. The sluggishness continued through to Sunday with Kota letting me sleep in until 9:30. Can't remember the last time we slept that long. Then after a long wake up period with breakfast in bed and the sun prodding bright fingers of light through my blinds, I decided to get up and get outside.
The wind was still quite strong and I had no interest in strenuous exercise so I went for a hike in the battlefields down the road and took a new trail. The wet ground and high water line were the only evidence of yesterday's heavy storms that had raged with thunder and lightning plus tornado warnings. I got wet knees as I took some photos but shrugged it off.
I also took the opportunity to take a photo of a dogwood tree that had caught my eye every year as I drove past it. Every year I'd thought about stopping to photograph it and never had, until now. Another task struck off my list.
I drove to another part of the battle fields and came across two people in the park road crouched down taking photos of a bug. Still feeling laid back I had no intention of disturbing them and quite happily sat and waited for them to finish so I could pass by. The redbud trees and dogwoods were all bursting open and it seemed to me that leaves which been been tight buds in the morning were now unfurling in the warm sun. I finished pottering around the park and noticed a small traveling fair in Manassas. I would be back later.
As darkness approached, I grabbed my camera and tripod and drove back down to Manassas for the fair. The lines waiting to go in were long but moved fast and before I knew it I was caught up in the swirling bright lights with throngs of people milling past. 
The Fire Ball ride caught in a long exposure and then at a fast speed.
This little girl looked so cute as she waited for the ride to start.
This ride was like a pendulum that swung from side to side, here it's static...
...and here going full swing. They didn't have a ferris wheel this time which was a shame as they're so colorful to photograph but I'd taken plenty of shots and was shocked to look at my watch and see it was nearly 11:00pm. Time to head home to bed and try to sleep with a kaleidoscope of colors spinning through my head.

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