Monday, February 21, 2011

Lost While Shopping

Another poem submitted to the writing group, this time the subject was A Lesson Learned.

He stood alone, too scared to speak,
Or ask the people in the street.
Where they thought his parents were.
His eyes streamed tears, his vision blurred.
He stared upwards at the sea of faces,
Hurrying forth to different places.
Imploring eyes searched up and down,
At happy smiles to solemn frowns.
He longed for one who'd understand,
Who'd wipe his face and hold his hand.
And tell him it would be alright,
His parents would soon be in sight.
But no one saw his desperate tears,
Or knew his heart was sick with fear.
He huddled close against the wall,
And wished he wasn't quite so small.
He wished he'd never lagged behind,
He though his parents wouldn't mind.
But now he wished he'd stayed in line,
He wouldn't err a second time.
He scoured the crowd with longing eyes,
And then leaped forward with delighted cries.
His face lit up and he sobbed with joy,
As his mother hugged her tearful boy.
His father gave a knowing smile,
He'd learned his lesson, at least for a while!

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