Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A day for the exchange of tokens of affection – dictionary.com

Another assignment was posted yesterday for our writing group:
'Since it is the month containing Valentines day it might be fun to write something in tribute of this occasion BUT you cannot use the words: Valentines day, Cupid, Love, roses, flowers, hearts, or February.'

The bar was packed as I edged my way to the front to order drinks. A tall guy to my right caught my eye and my frustration turned to delight as I recognized the well styled hair and chiseled profile. I slid next to him and as he finished signing his check, I pulled a dollar bill from my wallet and pushed it towards him on the counter requesting,
“A signature on here as well please?”
He looked at me and I observed his face as he appeared to recognize me for a fleeting moment but then a polite smile curved his lips as he scribbled his name on the bill and pushed it back. I glanced down hoping for a message of familiarity but only the name ‘Daniel’ had been written on the bill. I looked back up to thank him but his back was already turned. Crushed, I leaned on the bar and waited my turn for drinks.
Later that evening, I huddled out the front on a wet sidewalk waiting for my taxi and watched couples as they left the bar arm in arm, heads close in whispered conversation and smiling anticipation on an evening of the second month in the year, on a day designated for those wanting to be together without any interference from others, to belong in a world where they were the only ones who existed. My taxi pulled up and I climbed in, grateful to escape the numbing drizzle and almost sickening happiness that exuded from everyone else outside. As I leaned back into the cracked leather, the door was wrenched opened again and my heart leaped as he climbed in without invitation and sat next to me smiling broadly. Grabbing both of my hands he exclaimed, “Debby, I’m so sorry, so sorry. How could I have failed to not recognize you? I feel awful.” He directed the driver, “Warrington Lodge please.” Turning back to me, he apologized again. “It’s been a few months since I saw you yet still, despite meeting so many new people daily and being so busy, I should never have failed to recognize someone who gave up her whole day to keep a stranger entertained. Please, let me make it up to you.”
I smiled back at him in shy awe and completely lost for words. He pulled out his phone and texted a message while I nearly melted into a puddle  as I drank in his glorious good looks. We reminisced that special day as the car purred through the streets and I leaned into him when his arm circled my shoulders. The taxi stopped outside a grand building and he helped me out onto the pavement. The rain had stopped and the leaves of the trees glistened as they dropped glittering diamond droplets around us. The concierge spoke. “Your table is ready Mr. Craig.” Daniel gently turned me round to face him, cupped my face and leaned down to me, his eyes closing. Abruptly , 70’s rock music started blaring, shattering the moment……and I woke up.

I actually had this dream last and quickly scribbled down notes once I got up so I didn't forget. Soooo wish it had been real...!

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Debby Karalee said...

God dammit, he's gawgeous!