Friday, February 4, 2011

Light Painting in Georgetown

Last night I drove down to Georgetown to meet up with some explorer friends in Georgetown where we were going to try out some light painting. As expected it was freezing cold but there was no wind and this time I was better prepared with gloves and a few handwarmers.
The owner from this establishment came over and spoke with me concerned that I was writing an article on his restaurant or reporting him for having his Christmas lights on still. I soon put him at ease and told him I loved his tree.
We took a few photos of the canal, waterless for the winter, and then walked down on the tow path to set up under the bridge where it was sheltered and we had somewhere to play without attracting strange looks.
 I pulled out my lights and started shooting, messing around with the different colors. A couple of the others jumped down into the canal bed and were waving flashlights around, painting the air.
 D.C.! We love D.C.!
These are both self portraits that I took with a kids flashlight, one that flashed colors intermittently.
 I took these with my gel flashlight, a light that has different colored lenses over the bulb.
 Three of the guys played around with their lights.
I took these three trying to get a ghost effect with the long exposures and got some OK shots. We packed up around 22:00 and I drove home feeling the evening had been a great success. It was certainly inspirational and I now have every intention of making some creative images over the weekend. Watch this space!