Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Duck Tale

I was peacefully watching a movie last night curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and Kota next to me when me phone alerted me to a text message. I read it and my blood ran cold.
There was a photo of our beloved Quackster tied to the railway tracks with a train fast approaching and a message accompanying it which read, 
'We have the Quackster, we have our demands if you want to see him again.'
I frantically texted back pleading for no harm to come to our favorite duck. Another message promptly followed,
'We have our demands. We will call later. No cops.' 
A time of 9:50pm was agreed on and Kota and I anxiously waited for the next communication.
A little later we discovered that Quackster must have been released from the railway track and was now being held in another room as we received another text.
A photo of our little buddy wistfully looking at the photo I'd posted on my daily blog on Monday. A comment from his captor followed the photo,
'Dreaming about his friends before it's too late at 9:50pm'.
I was panicking now, how was I going to help the little golden guy? I waited by the phone watching the minutes tick by. It seemed like an eternity before the appointed time arrived, but before it did, my phone pealed again with another message and I lunged torwards it expecting the worst.
I couldn't believe what I saw...
 The Quackster on the train! And a comment followed the photo,
'The Quackster escapes and takes control of the train  AND...
 ...frees the others   Yeah!'
He was free! What a brave and courageous little duck. And how happy I was to know the little guy was safe and unharmed with apparently not even a scratch. Relieved Kota and I finally fell into bed and thought of the story he would tell us when we saw him. 
That duck sure has an eventful life!

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