Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Fun at Emblemax

On Friday, we had our annual Christmas Party at Emblemax and another welcome return from Peter of Shazam Magic. He's pictured here with his furry accomplice Willoughby. Rob took all these photos for me as I was so busy making sure things ran smoothly.
We had food from Olive Garden, Willards BBQ, and pizza with plenty to drink for all ages.
The Boss Man had set up a treasure hunt which was originally intended for the children but I have never been on a treasure hunt or Easter egg hunt before so we decided adults could take part too. Michelle and I are trying to decipher a clue here in Embroidery.
Squelchikins looking like a deer trapped in headlights as he came through clutching a clue. He wasn't on our team either so we had to watch him...
There was a lot of arguing at the end over who won. Twice our team had the rug of victory pulled from under our feet and here we're contesting the outcome. Eventually it was declared a draw after the party showed tendencies of fast becoming the site for WWIII. 
We also had a Secret Santa and here's José opening his card and present. Everyone seemed pleased with their gifts; I didn't notice any surreptitious exchanges or discarding or presents. 
Boss Man Mike handing out our well deserved Christmas cards with personal messages and a BONUS inside. Judging by the smiles, everyone seemed happy with these too.
This is Addison, Mike's son. I absolutely adore this little chap and could watch him all day, he has the most expressive face I've ever seen on a kid. He just rocks!
Mike and José having a late evening discussion and the cracks are beginning to show. A lot of beer had been consumed at this point! Mike's also wearing his Secret Santa gift from Alam.
Another great kid shot from Rob, this is Keisha, Jessy's daughter. A little gem.
I have no idea what time the party wrapped up. Everybody left with presents, full bellies, and pockets filled with extra cash. An awesome evening and a great start to the Holiday season.

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