Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

This is my last entry for the year and will be a little brief. I am on vacation and determined to have a break from the computer for the week so I can enjoy being lazy and relaxed. I spent the day with Debbie and Jim's family and had a fabulous time watching the kids unwrap presents and playing with them. Here is me with The Lukestar, Max and Peyton coloring in a spaceship which I hope later to take a photo of it completed.
Judging by both of these photos, coloring takes a great deal of concentration and thought.
Max deciding whether to play with his truck or carry on coloring. Coloring won.
The boys' collection of monster trucks and Peyton's blue bally thing, which although I'm not sure how it added to the image, it was placed with such care that it had to be left there!
Aston tucking into his dinner which was superb thanks to Debbie. The full English Christmas dinner with turkey, sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing, roast potatoes, mashed parsnips, cauliflower with cheese sauce, carrots, brussel sprouts, peas and gravy. Whoa! We were so stuffed we didn't have room for desert but I know that later Debbie and I will share a Christmas pudding with Devonshire Clotted Cream.
Me helping Kota to unwrap his presents from my Mum.
And here he's tucking into some well deserved treats.
I noticed immediately that the treats Mum sent on the left were the English version of the treats here he has in America, on the right. Cool how they keep the packaging looking so similar.
The water tower in Louisa...
...and a guy pedaling home after work.
A frozen lake near Unionville.
I came across these religious signs and took my photos quickly as I found these rather formidable and felt a little nervous standing there, wondering if I'd get roped and dragged to a service. Not that I don't believe in God, I do, but I'll pray in my own time and in my own space.
Lance had a birthday on Tuesday, Happy Birthday Lance!, and after we'd all gone for a meal, he chose his own birthday cake, a vanilla and coconut cream cake.
It was an excellent choice. 
And so I close the year with this entry. It hasn't been the smoothest of years for me but I am grateful to have my mother, brother and myself in good health. I have made some wonderful new friends and have strengthened many existing friendships. Thank you to all those who have held me up through the hard times and laughed with me through the good times. Thank you to those who have become new blog followers and thank you to those who have followed me from the beginning. I am truly blessed with the people I have in my life and acknowledge each and every one with a hug, whether it's through my monitor or in person. Happy New Year to you all and I pray you all have a peaceful and wondrous 2011.

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