Thursday, December 23, 2010

Down in Gordonsville, the snow was still lingering as it was in NoVA thanks to icy temperatures and freezing winds. I arrived late Saturday afternoon with Kota and we all enjoyed the warmth of the fire for the evening.
Sunday morning, I drove into town to pick up some groceries and came across this car abandoned in a ditch.
I stopped to see if anyone was inside but drove off when I found it empty. It was gone on the way back.
My old chair still sits on the side of the road so I had to have a shot of it on the snow.
The creek which ran dry in summer was now thick with ice.
Rob had to put a new starter motor on his car and I was very impressed at how fast he installed it despite his hands freezing. It's nice to be a girl and not be expected to do these things. I stayed indoors.
I did venture out when Lance and Zak dropped by and then Rob wanted to put snow chains on the tractor.
Ta Da! All rigged out for some heavy duty driving. Kota hung out with us in the garage and then made us laugh when he struck a pose by the doors.
"Don't shoot! I didn't do it!"
Rob then drove the tractor out to attach the back hoe so he'd be ready for when we get our 2ft of snow which is hopefully coming soon. He started larking about so I videoed him doing a figure of eight.
 Then I was told to have a go.
 My efforts were rather lame compared to Rob's but I was petrified of crashing the tractor, especially as I nearly went into the tree and the truck. A bit later I was happy to be in the garage warming my hands on the stove and sipping a beer. We later went over to Lance and Nicole's for a visit and then came back to spend more time outside, this time BBQing our dinner. Steaks, potatoes and zucchini.
It was 25 degrees outside and I could swear the food took longer to cook because of the low temperature. 
Kota stayed indoors and ate some treats oblivious of the pretty shadow of a reindeer ornament hanging close by. With all of our bellies full we all crashed in the den, Kota on his rocking chair, and Rob and I on the sofa. Another weekend that had passed too quickly and another Monday morning to be faced too soon.

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