Saturday, January 3, 2009

Workhouse Arts Center

Today, MJ and I went back to the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton which had reopened after the holidays. Our first view as we turned the corner was their fallen over Christmas tree. Note the sign sticking up halway down the tree. You can see two of the studio buildings in the background.

This used to be Lorton prison and is still being renovated. Coming soon will be more studios, a cafe and also an art supplies store which I will be very interested in.

There is a gallery as well as studios and this housed a collection of work from students as well as the studio artists.

We were able to see some of the artists at work as well as their art. Nearly all of the works were for sale and included glass and clay as well as paintings and photography. There weren't any metal artists yet. MJ did like this rather fetching hat which went nicely with her handbag.

I liked the two paintings above but not enough to pay the hundreds of dollars that they were each asking.

We found a window towards the back of the complex and peering through found that parts of the old prison still existed. There will be a museum opening later showing aspects of the Lorton Prison.

This is my piece of art for the day and if I'd had a frame in my pocket, I would've quickly printed it off and slapped it on one of the walls with a $300 price tag. Alas, I could not see an Epson around nor did I have a frame. This was the sun shining through a glass door onto the wall creating a spectrum.

Patrick O'Brien was the only woodturner present today and his studio was awesome with lots of fascinating tools and gadgets. He's polishing a wooden bowl in this image.

I was very pleased to see the art center has retained the prison watchtowers. I've always liked looking at these as I've driven by in the past and have often daydreamed about buying one for the backyard and sitting up on top reading a book while my butler passed up cold drinks or wine in a crate with a rope and pulley.

I took this on the way home of a local haulage yard's antique truck. I've passed it a few times over the holidays wanting to take a photo and tonight the natural light was perfect to capture the lights as well as the old truck and trailer.

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