Monday, January 26, 2009

Frozen Waters

Saturday was another freezing and windy day, and I was hauled from my warm and cozy bed by a telephone call from a friend who was wanting a hike in the Manassas Battlefields with her canine buddy. We walked through fields and woodland for about six miles barely seeing another soul; not even the wildlife was out on this frigid day.
After this little jaunt, my friend suggested we continue our hike on another trail she knew, so we drove our cars a couple of miles away. I refused to look longingly at the Seven Eleven as I drove past, wistfully picturing a tall cup of steaming hot coffee.
We pulled into a parking lot and once again found the park was deserted. Bundling up once more, we set off and stepped into a winter water wonderland. A creek ran through the park and was surrounded by a marsh carpeted with long grasses and bursting bull rushes. These photos are of the creek.

This is a beautiful little park and one that I shall visit in the spring to see how the creek looks then with fresh green grass, flowers and running water. Time seemed to stand still here and it felt like we were in a lost world. We left about an hour later with no other visitor having appeared and went on our separate ways, me heading for that hot cup of coffee I'd passed by earlier!

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