Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2008

The first day of the year had me bouncing out of bed and rushing to get ready for a trip down to D.C. I had decided that today would be a day of first visits for me so I wanted to see places I'd not been to before. D.C. is a fabulous city and has so much to offer so I was a little surprised to find it not as busy as I had thought.

My first stop was the National Aquarium where I met these handsome fellows who were happy to pose for their photos. I was quite surprised to see an alligator there but a little sad to see the poor chap was all on his own with no other alligators for company. I hope he gets a roommate soon.

These beautiful lamps and masonry were the front of the Department of Commerce Building. I then walked across the Mall to the Smithsonian museums where I visited the Freer Gallery of Art.

These beautiful screens, The Four Sylvan Sounds, were painted by Thomas Wilmer Dewing based on the four forest notes, the Hermit thrush, the sound of running water, the woodpecker, and the sound of the wind through the pine trees.
The above photo is the Peacock Room which has to be seen to be appreciated fully. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be taking photos so I snapped a couple quickly. Whistler was asked to make minor alterations to a client's room housing one of Whistler's paintings and a collection of china. He added imitation gold leaf peacocks to the walls and gilded shelving and wooden shutters while the owner was absent. Not a minor alteration but absolutely stunning.
I took this photo in the Sackler Gallery; it's a funky mirror which gave a cool fish-eye effect. I was told off for taking these photos as apparently the artist hadn't given permission, but the attendant was very gracious and allowed me to take four before she stopped me from taking more.

This is the Smithsonian Information Center which held a cafe and an eclectic collection of interesting artifacts. The Christmas decorations were sumptuous inside and out.

This mocking bird actually made me jump as I passed underneath so I paid my respects and stopped for a while listening to him herald in the New Year.

This was an old pen shop which I would've loved to look around if it had been open. The sign really stood out on the street. I did find a Filene's Basement that was open and was another first for me. I bought a $109 pair of designer jeans for $35 with tiny shiny sequins and bleached streaks, very different, and a pair of casual shoes which were really unusual. I rounded off the day with a delicious salad with fruit and a coffee before I ended up back at my car. I'd walked about 4-5 miles and had experienced a variety of 'firsts'. A very satisfying day and a wonderful start to the new year.

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

I have probably said this a hundred times but I just LOVE all the pictures and your holidays looked great! Seriously, I have to come out and visit you! You always have so much fun.