Monday, January 12, 2009

Annapolis, M.D.

Driving back from the Polar Plunge, I had to pass Annapolis, and not having visited before, I stopped for a walk round. The icy rain that had been forecast was late in coming so I made the most of the few dry hours I had remaining.
The inn above reminded me of the Flat Iron building in New York and in the background, the dome of the naval college can be seen.

This goose was well dressed for the cold weather...

...and in this shop, called Re-Sails, there were jackets and bags along with other items made from old boat sales. I loved this jacket but not the $300 price tag, yet all the products were eyecatching and unusual.

This display box was outside an old store called Johnsons which provides fine clothing for the public and the military. The box shows the history of the store.

I initially drove all round the town, and then walked the parts I wanted to explore further. My growling stomach was getting embarrassing and so I stopped at a small backstreet cafe where I had a marvellous brunch called a Snug Harbor, which was crab, poached eggs and tomato on top of an English muffin with melted Swiss cheese over the top and garlic potatoes on the side. Washed down with a cup of hot tea, and I was in paradise. Feeling fortified, I continued my tour of the town.

This is Maryland State House which had enormous pillars. You have to be there to appreciate the frontage of this building as it overwhelms everything surrounding it.

I zigzagged up and down the streets, quickly looking in gift and pottery shops but spending more time taking in the museum and the outside scenery. The harbor was smaller than I had imagined but parts of it were very quaint.
Groups of naval officers constantly traversed the streets. Small groups, big crowds or simply walking on their own. They were very friendly and gave a safe feeling to the town.

People threw bread to the seagulls and ducks and the birds squawked and chattered as they bombed and swept over the pavement. I was happy to spend my last half hour sitting and watching them feast greedily on the morsels thrown their way. They all looked very well fed and healthy. This lovely chap below briefly stopped chomping for a quick portrait but had no intention of standing longer for more pictures.

After they had finished their snacks, the birds flew off and I strolled back to my car, more than ready to head home after my full day. As I drove out of Annapolis and headed south, the skies darkened and the promised icy rain started to fall.

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