Monday, December 1, 2008

Washington Redskins v New York Giants

On Sunday, I went to FedEx Field to see the Redskins and Giants game. My boss had given me 5 tickets, so with 4 friends I headed out to Maryland in the rain wrapped up in our football jerseys and waterproofs.

Before the game started, Sean Taylor was inducted into the Redskins Ring of Fame, a year after he was killed, and his jersey number, 21, was retired. His number was stamped onto the grass and his family are under the umbrellas above for the ceremony. Clinton Portis, ran onto the field holding a No. 21 flag.

The Redskins did not play well at all except in the 2nd quarter and the highlight of the game was their touchdown.

Their offense was poor and the sudden energy which was shown in the 2nd quarter never returned during the rest of the game.

But Debbie and I managed to keep smiling despite the rain and poor play!

The Redskins sloped off the field looking miserable with heads hung low, and the rain still pouring down. We sat in the parking lot for 40 minutes before we finally got moving and while we waited, a kind family shared their brownies with us as they sparked up their BBQ for a post game meal. How can a day end badly if there's chocolate at the end of it!

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

Amen Sistah! Chocolate ALWAYS makes everything better!!!!