Saturday, December 13, 2008

Manassas Battlefields

Last Sunday was another freezing day with blustery winds, yet a large group of us decided to brave the elements and hike 6 miles around some of Manassas Battlefields. We were glad to spend most of the time in the wooded areas where we found shelter from the icy wind and the few times we were out in the open, conversation was dropped and heads kept down.

The scenery was beautiful as we had seen our first snow of this winter the previous day and the remaining flakes feathered the ice on the slow moving water and clung to the grass.

About halfway round our well prepared leader stopped us for a break and produced two containers filled with hot chocolate and warm cider. This gave us all a chance to warm hands and tummies and chat to new friends. We continued our hike with renewed energy and a brisk pace, knowing that the next time we stopped, it would be for lunch in a warm restaurant. Even though we'd covered a few miles and done so at a steady pace, it was still lovely to sit in a wind free restaurant with hot food and conversation which wasn't swept from your lips!

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